Trendsurfing (Engelse versie)



In TRENDSURFING, trendwatcher Bert Van Thilborgh guides you through the processes of change in our rapidly evolving, highly volatile and deceptively ambiguous world. In this methodological book, the author clarifies the techniques of trend analysis and positions them in a structural model. In addition, the book offers numerous tips and tricks that will help readers surf the waves of innovation, identify emerging trends and respond to them effectively.
Bert observes, quantifies, explains and indicates the future direction in which trends may develop. A selection of contemporary international examples takes us on a surfing journey through various fields, including the automotive industry, retail, tourism and hospitality, the luxury segment, media and entertainment, telecom and consumer electronics, and various lifestyle sectors. At the same time, this book offers case studies from more soft industries such as the healthcare and non-profit industry.
TRENDSURFING is a must-read management book for every trend-sensitive, trendsetting or groundbreaking CEO, board member, entrepreneur, marketeer, innovation specialist, product developer and policymaker. In other words, anyone who wants to surf the waves of future change. Moreover, Bert Van Thilborgh’s approach and personal style challenge all his readers to put on a wetsuit – and do some trendsurfing of their own!
BERT VAN THILBORGH is a historian, trendwatcher and futurologist. He stood at the forefront of the foundation of two successful marketing and communication agencies in Belgium and the Netherlands. In 2016, Bert founded Futureproved, a trendwatching and innovation agency. He is regularly consulted to look into the strategic future, conduct forecasting studies, share trend insights and draw up trend reports for companies.


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