The Living Wetsuit



Imagine a soft and squishy wetsuit surrounding, connecting, and protecting all your bones, your organs, your nerves, your muscles …
Imagine this wetsuit alive, dynamic, infused with an energy – a spirit – that disappears when we die.
This wetsuit, The Living Wetsuit, is a simple analogy that helps explain and demystify fascia, the main connective tissue in our body. Understanding fascia is the key to understanding our own bodies and health, giving us a powerful tool to improve the ways we look after, treat, and heal ourselves.
In The Living Wetsuit, Sue Adstrum traces the fascinating history of anatomy, explaining how and why our understanding of the human body – particularly fascia – has evolved over time. Exploring the crucial role fascia plays in our body, the book explains how it becomes damaged or hurt over time, and the practical solutions we can use to fix and care for our fascia.
A unique, engaging analysis on the intersections of historic, cultural, and medical knowledge, The Living Wetsuit is an essential read for anyone who has a body.


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