Inner Circles



I think this is my best novel thus far.Of course I think this about every book I complete.No one derives more pleasure from the book than its author.This book mixes history with a fictional story of the inner actions of both Germanys and Englands inner circles of leadership.It answers some of the questions of the inner workings of why World War II happened and how it progressed.I have my own ideas about this and have chronicled them in this book.
It is the story of a young man, Eric Jansen, sent to England to deliver wetsuits to the British Navy.Off the coast of Iceland his ship is taken by a German U-boat.Only the wetsuit saves his life and he is the only survivor.Two months later, five women aviators are rescued by Eric in a daring rescue at sea.A month later a freighter sinks the U-boat by the ingenuity of its chief engineer.
The story moves to Germany where Eric is befriended by Joseph Goebbels, the head of the propaganda ministry for the Third Reich.The story is filled with action, suspense and romance as it continues through World War II and beyond.
This book like all my books is just over two hundred pages in length and will provide the reader with a unique look at the individuals behind Germanys and Englands inner circles of power.


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