Viking Navy SEALs 7 – Dark Viking



Rita, a former stunt woman, can’t believe she signed up to be a female Navy SEAL. She needed the signup money to pay her mother’s medical bills.
Steven, a fierce Viking warrior, is depressed over the “death” of his brother Thorfinn. Yep, even Vikings get the blues.
Rita can’t believe she’s been tossed back in time to the tenth century wearing a head-to-toe wetsuit and flippers with her face cammied up.
Steven can’t believe the gods have sent him a fish woman to ease his woes. Not a beautiful mermaid, but an ugly-as-death fish.
How dare the brute put her in a cage!
How dare the wench teach his people line dancing!
Love and laughter guaranteed in this trip down Memory Lane…uh Fjord.
(Previously published, a New York Times bestseller)


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