Triathlon Guide For Total Beginners



Are you thinking about completing your first triathlon? This book provides a straightforward guide that starts from the very beginning. It will take you through the basics of how to train, prepare and complete your first event.
We’ll cover over 50 of the most common questions: what training should I do? Can I do breaststroke? What bike do I need? Where do I put my keys on race day? What should I eat? How fid do I need to be?
This easy to understand and insightful book is packed with practical ways you can master your triathlon training and it will help you:
Understand the sport of triathlon “what is triathlon and how does it work?”
Develop a comprehensive triathlon training plan that simplifies your season and removes the guesswork
Train smarter, not harder so you get maximum results for very little time spent and minimise the risk of getting injured
Help you decide on the right triathlon wetsuit, triathlon shoes, triathlon bike
Teach you mental toughness so you feel confident when you are on the start line
Decide what race length is best for you from sprint triathlon to Ironman triathlon
Buy the right triathlon gear to suit your ability and your aspirations
This won’t be the last book you read in your first triathlon journey, but it should be the first. A must have for the first thirty days of a beginner’s journey into the world of triathlons.


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