Kitesurfing Essentials: Learn How to Kite Surf Safely and Easily NOW!



You deserve to fly!
…literally. Kitesurfing is one of the fastest growing and most exciting sports in the world (Hey, we even almost knocked Windsurfing out of the 2016 Olympics…).
As a Kitesurfer you’ll get to enjoy the free natural power of the wind and water in a way that most people will never experience – as often as you like, at no cost.
But here’s the problem – Kitesurfing is not quite as easy as it looks. Hurting yourself or someone else, damaging your gear or nearly drowning in the process wouldn’t really be the fun you had in mind, would it? The truth is, Kitesurfing can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing.
Of course not everyone who gives it a shot with borrowed gear and no clue gets hurt in the process (I actually started that way myself, but that was in the nineties…) I can assure you though that the people who are well informed and properly instructed learn a LOT faster and walk away from their first sessions with a lot less bruises and frustration.
In other words, those who start Kitesurfing more easily, faster and while having more fun are the ones who take the extra steps to learn the fundamentals.
Don’t worry though, because here’s your solution…
Kite Surfing Essentials – Learn How to Kite Surf in Five Easy Steps -2nd Edition
This comprehensive no-nonsense guide has all the information you need to know to get started in Kitesurfing – all about the gear, wind and water knowledge, techniques to get you started, and lots of beginner’s tips from several KiteSurfing World champions including Kari Schibevaag and Youri Zoon!
Here’s what the book will tell you in detail:
How you can save a LOT of money on Gear and Lessons
Choosing the right Kite and Kite Board for YOU
Kitesurfing tips written exclusively for this book from several Pro Kitesurfers, including 7 (!) times women’s World Champion Kari Scibevaag AND #1 freestyle world ranked Kitesurfer Youri Zoon
Getting the most out of your Kitesurfing lessons, and save money by not needing as many hours of lessons- if you just take one less hour of lessons this book will have re-paid itself – at a minimum – six times over!
Reduce your learning curve dramatically
The best ways to avoid mistakes that can be painful or even really dangerous
Complete Gear guide going through the different types of Kites, Kite Boards, Kite Lines, Control Bars, Safety Systems, Board accessories such as Foot straps and Leashes, Harnesses, Wetsuits, Helmets and more
Top Kitesurfing spots in the U.S and abroad
How to care for your gear to make sure it lasts longer and doesn’t fail you in a bad situation
Launching and landing your Kite safely and easily from water or land assisted or by yourself
Understanding terrain, water and wind conditions to find the best surf spots
How to prepare and train for an emergency situation
Know where to go and what the best conditions for Kitesurfing are
How to easily set up your Kite, Lines and Control Bar to get up and riding quickly
Before-the-ride checklists to help avoid going home just because you forgot something crucial
Complete Glossary so you understand the lingo
More advanced techniques, such as going upwind, turning, jibing, and jumping
And much, much more…
In short, this guide is tailor made to make sure you get the best possible start Kitesurfing – right now!
Of course, I still absolutely recommend getting lessons from an IKO (International Kiteboarding Organisation) certified school with qualified instructors, but with the foundation you’ll have from this book I can personally guarantee you’ll be able to move on by yourself faster than you ever thought was possible.
So what are you waiting for? Grab your copy right away and start learning TODAY!


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