Downunder – Downunder



Have you ever wondered about some of the stories of the maritime disasters that have happened along the Central Coast and Hunter Coastlines of Australia? This book visits the individual histories of located shipwrecks along this notorious coastline.
Some of the stories include the tale of the man who survived two shipwrecks. How did Maitland Bay and Susan Gilmore Beach get their names’? What exactly does happen to the ship’s cat when the boat goes down? What exactly is the Swansea Channel Wreck mystery? How far did the captain of the Thordis go to rescue the passengers of the Irresistible 1931? What exactly is that mysterious forrested island that can be seen on the Northern side of Stockton Bridge? Where did they find the sole survivor of the Cawarra 1866? and what did happen to the unofficial mascot of the HMAS Parramatta?
The author has risked life and limb in the writing of this book. From the unknown frontier of the nudists beaches along the coast, to the muddy swamps of Hexham, to walking into the local RSL in nothing but a wetsuit. No stone is left unturned in the quest for original sources when researching this book. Please enjoy!


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