Crown’s Law



P.I. Sam Crown’s beat is Orange County, California. At 48, he’s an aging “dude” who lives at the beach, surfs, and birddogs the bikini crowd.
A former highly-decorated Marine, Sam had worked for the Orange County Sheriff’s Department for 17 years. He had quit after being called in and chastised for shooting a pistol-wielding junkie.
After leaving OCSD, Sam sets up shop as Mickey Malone Investigations. When a murder victim is found with a Mickey business card in his pocket, the cops start knocking on Sam’s door looking for Mickey – a man who doesn’t exist. Sam gets dragged into a murder investigation he doesn’t need, and soon finds that he – and his 16-year-old ward – are targets of the killers. He becomes entangled in espionage and smuggling and finds himself in a race to find the killers before they find him.
When Sam runs a couple of fingerprints through the national database, the FBI is on him like an old wetsuit. Beautiful FBI agent Bo Trout enters the case and sees Sam as a womanizing flirt who consorts with outlaw bikers. As the violent noose tightens, Bo witnesses Sam deliver a large dose of Crown’s Law as events race to an unexpected denouement!


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