Continents Seven



Diego López Domínguez (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain, 1981) defines himself as an adventurer, an entrepreneur, and an advocate of globalization. As a sportsman, he is known as “Global Swimmer,” and recently became World Champion of his category at the “Ice KM” during the Ice Swimming World Championship held in March 2019 in Murmansk, Russia, within the Arctic Circle. During 2018, he established a world record by being the first person to swim the most challenging events in each of the seven continents, including Antarctica. He is the only Spaniard to have completed the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming (Swim Around Manhattan, English Channel, and Catalina Channel) within a natural year, and swum in the 28°F waters of Antarctica without a wetsuit. As a finance professional, he holds a Bachelor in Economics, a Master’s in Finance from LSE, and is a registered investment banker in the United States. After 12 years working for major consulting firms in the world’s main financial centers, including Madrid, Milan, London, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong, Rio de Janeiro, and New York City, Diego incorporated his own advisory boutique, Global SWF, in July 2018. He is one of the few global experts in Sovereign Wealth Funds, and has acted as an external consultant for the World Bank and the United Nations, among other institutions. Diego has lived in eight different countries and visited over 80 of them. He is happily married and lives, for the time being, in Manhattan.


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